Sierra-Olympic is made up of talented, engaged and professional people.  We are united by our core organizational values and our dedication to our customers.  If this appeals to you, we’re always looking for passionate, dedicated and creative people to join our team.

I love the passion everyone shares for our technology. We have a very talented team and we all raise the bar for each other. Working with a team that encourages that kind of dedication and work ethic is really motivating

S.Voynick, Chief Engineer

I respect and admire the collaboration and teamwork! Nothing at SOTI is completed in a vacuum and we pride ourselves on transparency and collaboration in our work from the top down. The work ethic is results and quality driven and I love the innovation and growth.

S.Mackris, Quality Manager

During my time at SOTI I have held multiple positions in Marketing, Operations, and Sales. My transitions were encouraged by upper management as my skill set developed and my aptitudes in particular areas were identified/recognized. I have been continually given opportunities to step out of my comfort zone, develop new skills, and take on more responsibilities. My teammates are also my friends, which I feel creates an increased obligation to meet objectives and not let my cohorts down. I would go the extra mile for any of my colleagues and feel confident that they would do the same. I have never felt pressure to place work above other aspects of my life.

C. Sculley, West Region Sales Engineer

Our Hiring process

Sierra-Olympic cares about your career and candidate experience.  The process at SOTI consists of applying for a position, then if selected as a candidate, completing phone interviews and if selected an in-person interview and an offer.  Candidates who are not selected are encouraged to keep an eye on our website for future opportunities.

Below is a listing of our current openings.  If you find a role that you would like to apply for please send us your resume and cover letter to or complete the form below.

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