RMA Policy

Obtaining a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number for a Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc. (SOTI) product.

This process describes how to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number in order to return a product to SOTI. An RMA number is needed for repairs and replacement. Products that are returned without an RMA number may result in unnecessary processing delays. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details on our return and repair policy.

Returning for Repair

Products within their warranty period may be returned for repair or replacement. Out of Warranty returns may be subject to a fee for repair. See repair costs section for more details. Our goal is to ensure that our customers get their issue resolved as quickly as possible and many issues can be resolved without having to be returned. Please contact our support department before requesting an RMA number to determine if a quicker fix is available. If the camera needs to be sent back to us, please include an accurate description of the problem and any addition images from the camera if possible, this aids in diagnosis.

RMA Request Instructions

Follow these steps to obtain an RMA number:

1. Before contacting our Support Team, please have the part number and serial number if possible, along with a detailed description of the issue.

2. To contact our Support Team, please call 541.716.0015 and dial 4 for support, email support@sierraolymic.com, or fill out our product support form on our website.

3. After you contact us via one of the three methods listed above, someone on the Support Team will reach out to you for more information or a potential solution. If you use the web form you will receive an automated email with a case number and a Support Team member will follow up with you. If a remote solution cannot be found and an RMA is needed, a Support Team member will issue you an RMA number, typically via email with detailed shipping instructions. Proper handling procedures must be used in the packing and shipping of all returned products. Products must be returned in the same or equivalent container in which they were shipped with the RMA Number clearly visible on the package.

Inquiries regarding the repair status of a camera should be sent with your RMA number in the subject line, preferably on the same email chain your RMA was issued on.

Repair Costs

If an RMA is Out of Warranty, you will be contacted with the cost for your approval before work is done on the camera. An estimate can be made before you send the unit back based on your description, but it is subject to change based on the diagnosis at SOTI. If you determine that the repair is not cost effective for you, the camera will be returned to you as is without repair.

Some damage is not covered under the SOTI warranty. If a unit is in warranty, but it came in for a non-warranty covered repair, a cost for your approval will be supplied before work is completed on the unit.



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