Technical experts, creative problem solvers

Sierra-Olympic Technologies is a trusted independent supplier of leading-edge infrared technology. We are proud to say we’ve been at the forefront of innovation in our industry for more than 25 years.


We excel at finding creative solutions when problems arise, and when we work on a project- whether a small software tweak or an entirely new system- our approach is purpose-driven. We are problem solvers by nature, and we believe the best way to deliver value to our customers is to focus on the purpose- the why- behind a particular product or innovation.

More about the SOTI philosophy

Low SWaP experts

Sierra-Olympic has a proven history of innovation in small infrared systems that meet the demand for the the highest quality imagery in the lowest size, weight, and power possible.

The full story: SOTI and UAS development

Vayu HD thermal camera with UAV

Class 10,000 cleanroom

Sierra-Olympic Technologies utilizes a modern Class 10,000 clean room for its production and R&D operations. The on-site facility empowers our optical scientists and engineers to experiment in cutting edge optical and infrared technologies that require precision controlled working environments.

Custom Solutions

The Sierra-Olympic Technologies team is one of a kind. We combine a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise with a fun-loving approach to innovation, development and problem solving. With an energetic crew of engineers, designers, and operations staff who work together to tackle complex custom solutions. We have a cooperative group mindset and approachable nature that our customers have grown quite fond of over the years. We love what we do, and it shows.



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