Vayu HD

Full HD 1920 x 1200 LWIR

Featuring the world’s first full HD 1920 x 1200 x 12 µm uncooled microbolometer array, the Vayu HD is a cutting-edge LWIR camera core that delivers superior image clarity and situational awareness in a SWaP-optimized package. This is an invaluable asset for critical applications that require the maximum performance per unit gram possible.


Available in 25 mm, 50 mm and 87 mm lens models, the Vayu HD is the highest-resolution uncooled LWIR camera on the market. This camera will bring a small area into focus with high level of detail allowing the user to more accurately read an image from a further distance. With 87 mm model weighing < 1 kg this camera maintains low-SWaP capability while producing a highly detailed image making it excellent for aerial integration. You can connect this camera to your current equipment with the USB3.0 raw video output for universal compatibility. All users will benefit from an onboard image processor that provides H.264/H.265 encoded RTP output and advanced image processing functions. The F/1.2 lenses are coated with a high-durability AR coating and calibrated for optical performance. This camera also retains the ability to add optional features like object tracking and detection with telemetry, NMEA metadata packaging and more.

Product Highlights

Full HD 1920 x 1200 x 12μm Array

Low-SWaP integration (450 / 500 / 997 grams)

Standard Video Outputs: HDMI, IP VIDEO (H.264/265), USB3.0-UVC (raw 16 bit)

Optional Image Enhancement Functions

25, 50 and 87 mm lens options

Dual Use Classification



Lens EFL/F# FOV (H° x V°) Weight (g) L x W x H (mm) Part Number
25mm/F1.2 49.5° x 32.1° 504 g 150 x 77 x 72 mm SL-V4-193-001
Lens EFL/F# FOV (H° x V°) Weight (g) L x W x H (mm) Part Number
50mm/F1.2 25.9° x 16.4° 500 g 139 x 77 x 72 mm SL-V4-193-A25
Lens EFL/F# FOV (H° x V°) Weight (g) L x W x H (mm) Part Number
87mm/F1.2 15.1° x 9.46° 997 g 169 x 88 x 88 mm SL-V4-139-003


Detector type
Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Array format
1920 x 1200
Pixel Pitch
12 μm
Bit depth
Spectral Response
Frame Rate (fps)
60 Hz
25mm / 50mm / 87mm lens models
25mm: 49.5° x 32.1° / 50mm: 25.9° x 16.4° / 87mm: 15.1° x 9.46°
Athermalized, High Performance AR Coating
Video formats
HDMI (1080p), IP, USB3-UVC (RAW 16 bit)
IP Video
H.264/H.265 MPEG
Image Enhancement
Linear Histogram AGC, CLAHE, LAP, Sharpen, De-noise, electronic image stabilization, user color palettes/LUT
Camera Control
Ethernet, RS-422
Other Interface
Serial in/out for telemetry, GPIO
Onboard storage
32 gb std., expandable to 512 gb
1-point NUC
Scene or mechanical shutter
Size w/ Lens (L x W x H)
25 mm: 122 mm x 77 mm x 72 mm / 50 mm: 139 mm x 77 mm x 72 mm / 87 mm: 169 mm x 88 mm x 88 mm
Weight w/ Lens
25 mm: 450 g / 50 mm: 500 g / 87 mm: 997 g
¼-20 and M4 tapped mount points
Input Voltage
Operating temperature
-0°C to +45°C
12 W typical at room temperature, 13.5W maximum


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