Vinden Core series

LWIR sensor, continuous zoom optics

The Vinden Core series combines a 640 x 480 resolution uncooled long-wave infrared thermal detector with a selection of highly parfocal continuous zoom optics. As a paired-down sensor-lens configuration, Vinden Core models provide OEM and system integrators powerful, long-range thermal zoom solutions that are cost-effective and versatile for custom integration and applications.


The Vinden Core series continuous zoom thermal imaging cameras are cost-effective, highly operable CZ thermal imaging packages design for OEM integrators. They combines the best 17-µm uncooled thermal camera core with elegant, effective continuous zoom optics. The thermal imaging core offers industry-leading performance with digital and analog/digital interfacing options. The continuous zoom LWIR optics demonstrate superior parfocal performance, zoom boresight, athermalization, and repeatability. The Vinden EX line offers off-board image processors to provide encoded IP video streams, advanced image processing functions and additional interfacing options.

Product Highlights
  • 640 x 480 resolution, 17-µm pixel pitch
  • Shutter-based non-uniformity correction
  • CameraLink or LVCMOS, 8/14-bit digital output
  • Automatic gain control
  • Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE™)
  • Athermalized and parfocal continuous zoom lens
  • Hard-carbon, IP-67 front element
  • Non-ITAR controlled



Model Lens / F# HFOV Digital zoom Part number
Vinden Core 60 15-60mm / F1.4 44.2 - 10.4° 4x SL-VN6X-60-00
Vinden Core 75 15-75mm / F1.2 43.4 - 8.3° 4x SL-VN6X-E0-00
Vinden Core 100 15-100mm / F1.4 42.2 - 6.2° 4x SL-VN6X-21-00
Vinden Core 225 25-225mm / F1.4 25.2 - 2.8° 4x SL-VN6X-50-00
Vinden Core 300 40-300mm / F1.5 16.6 - 2.1° 4x SL-VN6X-80-00
Vinden Core 4x 26-105mm / F1.6 25.3 - 5.9° 4x SL-VN6X-70-00
Vinden Core 6x 25-150mm / F1.4 25.3 - 4.1° 4x SL-VN6X-40-00


Detector type
Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Array format
640 x 480
Pixel pitch
Spectral response
30Hz, 9Hz
Analog Video Output
Digital Video Output
CameraLink or LVCMOS, 8/14-bit
Lens Control
Serial (RS422)
Camera Control
Serial (RS232)/USB
Power (sensor)
4-16VDC / 1W nominal consumption
Power (lens)
12VDC / 6W max consumption
Operating Temperature Range
-20 to +70 C
1/4-20 Tripod Mount
EAR 6A003.b.4.b
EAR 6A993


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