Ventus OGI

640 x 512 optical gas imaging camera

The Ventus OGI is an industry-leading 640 x 512 HOT (high operating temperature) mid-wave infrared camera core designed to detect and visualize hydrocarbon gasses, including methane, propane and butane. The high-performance, low SWaP package is an invaluable tool for the oil and gas industry’s efforts to save time and money, increase efficiency, limit product loss, protect lives and reduce harm to the environment.


The Ventus OGI (Optical Gas Imaging) camera core brings together the very latest in detector, cooler and lens design. Available in optimized 25 mm and 50 mm lens models, they system is built around a long-life HOT MWIR detector with a special narrow bandpass cold filter in a miniature closed-cycle stirling cooler with an f/1.5 cold shield. The combination of these state-of-the-art components produces the smallest, lightest and lowest powered OGI camera core on the market, which makes it ideal for systems integration across a wide range of platforms and applications.

The camera is available with a choice of digital and analog inputs/outputs and serial or Ethernet camera control. Advanced image processing features include Gas Enhancement Mode, local area processing, dynamic contrast enhancement, noise reduction filter, foreground and background boost contrast, automatic gain and level control, 2x, 4X and 8x digital zoom, multiple color palettes and up to six calibration tables for different scene conditions.

Product Highlights

Safely spot Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) leaks

Minimize emissions & ensure air quality

Scan large areas quickly, efficiently at a reasonable cost

Improve process safety by reducing potential for fires or explosions

Improve planned or scheduled maintenance repairs

Increase productivity

Reduction of “unaccounted” gas

Meet regulatory requirements and reduce regulatory fines

Easy to interpret

Hydrocarbons, including methane, propane, butane and more.



Lens EFL/ F# FOV (H° X V°) Weight (g) L x W x H (mm) Part Number
25 mm / F1.5 21.7° 541 147 x 71 x 73 SL-VG63-025-10
50 mm / F1.5 11° 570 138 x 75 x 77 SL-VG63-050-10


Detector Type
High Operating Temperature (HOT) MWIR
Array Format
640 x 512
Pixel Pitch
15 µm
Spectral Response
3.2 - 3.42 µm
<35 mK
25 mm / 50 mm
FOV 25 mm
21.7 °
FOV 50 mm
11 °
Digital zoom
2x, 4x, 8x
Analog Video Output
Digital Video Output
Uncorrected 14-bit CameraLink
Onboard Video Storage
Yes, Micro SD
Camera control
Serial / Ethernet
Size (LxWxH) 25 mm lens model
147 x 71 x 73 mm
Size (LxWxH) 50 mm lens model
138 x 75 x 77 mm (50 mm lens)
Weight (approx) 25 mm lens model
541 g
Weight (approx) 50 mm lens model
570 g
¼-20 and M3 tapped holes
Power consumption
12VDC / 6W typ, 12W peak


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