Long-range MWIR zoom cameras

Advanced, cooled mid-wave infrared technology inside a sealed, IP67 housing; the Vista series offers full range of continuous zoom capabilities for all-hours, all weather security and surveillance. Four Vista models provide a total zoom range from 16.7 mm to 785 mm, allowing for human subject detection at up to 30+ km.


With IP67 and MIL-STD 810F ratings, the Vista is designed for all-conditions, around the clock operation in critical applications when smooth zoom and focus, reliable operation and crisp imagery are essential. The Vista SD 300, 550 and 785 models are equipped with a cooled, 640 x 512 focal plane array detector sensitive in the 3.4-4.2 um MWIR spectral region, while the HD 785 features a larger 1280 x 1024 detector for more pixels on target and sharper imagery at extreme distances.

The Vista’s detector is optimized for spectral response in the mid-wave infrared spectrum, commonly considered the best technology for imaging in variable, marine and high humidity environments. In addition to its rugged housing, the unit is sealed dry nitrogen backfilled to further ensure consistant and quality imagery through a range of envoronmental conditions.

Product Highlights
  • Offered in 300, 550 and 785 mm lens options
  • Motorized continuous optical zoom + up to 8x digital zoom
  • Rugged, environmentally sealed IP67 housing
  • One-touch autofocus, manual focus
  • Advanced image processing options
  • 3.4-4.2μm spectral band
  • f4.0 high sensitivity zoom lens
  • Two-year warranty



Lens / F# HFOV Optical zoom Weight (lbs/kg) Length (in/cm) Resolution
16.7-330mm / F4.0 32-1.8° 18x 11.8 / 5.35 15.3 / 39.05 640 x 512
Lens / F# HFOV Optical zoom Weight (lbs/kg) Length / width (cm) Resolution
30-550mm / F4.0 18-1° 18x 13.5 / 6.12 18.8 / 48 640 x 512
Lens / F# HFOV Optical zoom Weight (lbs/kg) Length / width (cm) Resolution
44-785mm / F4.0 12-.7° 18x 29.7 / 13.5 25.5 / 64.5 640 x 512
Lens / F# HFOV Optical zoom Weight (lbs/kg) Length / width (cm) Resolution
44-785mm / F4.0 16.6 x .9° 18x 29.7 / 13.5 25.4 / 64.5 1280 x 1024


Autofocus, manual
Video output
PAL/NTSC/SD-SDI, IP (optional) / 785 HD model: HD-SDI, IP
RS-232/422 serial interface, IP (optional)
Operating Temp
-32 to +65C; meets MIL STD 810F
Unit sealed and dry nitrogen backfilled, rated IP67 and MIL-STD 810F; Front element defroster
IP67, dry nitrogen backfilled
Front element defroster
1/4-20 tripod interface | 3/8-16 tripod interface
2 years
Dual-use export classification (EAR)


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