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Optical Gas Imaging is 'taking off'

November 16, 2021
From plug-and-play aerial solutions to a leak-detecting robotic dog, OGI integration successes signal a bright future for gas leak detection and repair
Sierra-Olympic develops cutting-edge infrared cameras-as-components for streamlined integration into the systems and platforms of customers around the world. One of the most valuable benefits of working with a company of our size and structure is the access integrators have to our engineers, designers and scientists. Direct and prompt collaboration and technical support contribute to faster development times, reduced stress and frustration and an overall smoother integration process. After launching the industry-leading 640 x 512 Ventus OGI optical gas imaging camera in 2018, the Sierra-Olympic team supported a number of customers through the development process to successful integration into their specialized systems and platforms. We are pleased to highlight four of those customers below. We caught up with all four companies at the 2021 Energy Drone and Robotics exhibition in Houston, Texas, where the Ventus OGI was on display as the premier optical gas imaging camera on the market.
LINKEDALL AERIAL SOLUTIONS: Plug-and-play OGI solution LinkedAll Aerial Solutions developed a seamless integration between the Ventus OGI and DJI's user/operator interface for a plug-and-play solution for enterprise DJI drone owners.
MFE INSPECTION SOLUTIONS: OGI on SPOT MFE developed an integration that pairs the Ventus OGI with the Boston Dynamics "SPOT" robot, and as a detachable battery-powered walkaround unit.
FLOGISTIX: UAV Command Center  Flogistix is an end-to-end emissions management partner. The company has created a fleet of enterprise drones fitted with the Ventus OGI camera for the airborne leak detection segment of their business.
EVOLVE DYNAMICS: Sky Mantis This modular-payload aircraft, called the Sky Mantis, is a rapidly-deployable, all-weather system capable of operating from battery or a powered tether for prolonged missions.


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