Oil & gas

Thermal technology to inspect infrastructure and visually detect gas leaks in a fraction of the time and expense

Oil refinery

Identify small leaks before they turn into big problems

Hydrocarbon gas leaks can be difficult to detect, expensive to reconcile, wasteful, and destructive to the environment. Thermal imaging technology is an invaluable tool for companies committed to solving these problems.

Viento camera by Sierra-Olympic long-wave infrared
Precision thermography
Inspect infrastrcture and equipment for faults and failures before they happen: Viento GT
Vayu HD 1920 x 1200 long-wave infrared camera
High definition inspection
1920 x 1200 resolution LWIR for infrastructure inspection: Vayu HD
Palm-sized Ventus OGI optical gas imaging camera
Low SWaP integration
Compact, powerful optical gas imaging for aerial systems and gimbals: Ventus OGI


  • Designed for airborne optical gas imaging
  • Designed for integration
  • Survey large areas quickly and efficiently
  • Detect and monitor from a safe distance
  • Low SWaP design easy to integrate
  • Cooled mid-wave provides highest-quality results 

Industry Segments

  • Integration for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and stabilized gimbal systems

  • Gathering and transmission lines

  • Above and below ground gas pipelines

  • Valves, flanges, connections seals, fuel lines, etc. 

  • Offshore applications

  • Remote wells and substations
Ventus OGI thermal camera
Product news
Detecting Hydrocarbon Gas Leaks with MWIR cameras

Using MWIR cameras to detect emissions helps guarantee the safety of people working in and around the oil and gas equipment.

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