Optical Gas Imaging

Safe, fast, efficient and effective: The 640 x 512 VENTUS OGI mid-wave infrared camera is a powerful tool for leak detection and repair.

– 640 x 512 resolution
– Visualizes METHANE, PROPANE and other hydrocarbon gases
– Ideal for UAV/UAS applications
– Designed for systems integration
– Meets 0000a standards

Leak Detection Game-Changer

Clearly visualize and precisely locate gas leaks in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. Reduce harmful gas leaks, increase efficiency, limit product loss and protect lives. Sierra-Olympic’s Ventus OGI 640 x 512 optical gas imaging camera is in a class of its own as the smallest, lightest, highest-resolution and most powerful camera of its kind on the market.

Ventus OGI 50 mm
11 ° FOV optimized for longer-range leak detection applications including ground-based fixed mounted systems as well as airborne systems including fixed-wing aircraft from above 1,000+ ft.
Ventus OGI 25 mm
21.7 ° FOV optimized for closer-in applications where a wide field of view is ideal, including UAV/UAS, handheld units, fixed mounted and ground-based robotics applications.


  • Designed for airborne optical gas imaging
  • Designed for integration
  • Survey large areas quickly and efficiently
  • Detect and monitor from a safe distance
  • Low SWaP design easy to integrate
  • Cooled mid-wave provides highest-quality results 

Industry Segments

  • Integration for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and stabilized gimbal systems

  • Gathering and transmission lines

  • Above and below ground gas pipelines

  • Valves, flanges, connections seals, fuel lines, etc. 

  • Offshore applications

  • Remote wells and substations
Product news
A deep dive into cutting edge OGI technology

An insightful look at the state of optical gas imaging technology during the October 2021 Methane Strategies Forum, given by industry expert Jeff Leake.

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