Security & Surveillance

Mid-wave and long-wave infrared cameras for a broad range of thermal imaging applications- from port, airport and border security to critical infrastructure protection and asset monitoring

Port surveillance

This is not the time to second-guess your equipment

When keeping a watchful eye on critical infrastructure and assets, the confidence of knowing you have the right tool for the job is priceless. Sierra-Olympic Technologies develops thermal imaging technology to suit a wide range of applications for fixed mount, multi-sensor pan and tilt (PTZ) and aerial systems.

Sierra-Olympic Vinden long-wave infrared camera line
Smooth Zoom
Superior lens technology provides smooth continuous zoom for long range surveillance: Vinden series
Viento thermal camera IP67 rated
User friendly and rugged
Cameras built to take the worst of Mother Nature's bad days: Viento IP67
Long-range Ventus cooled mid-wave infrared camera
Cooled MWIR
Exceptional image contrast, clarity and quality around the clock: Ventus 275/700


  • Rugged all-weather durability
  • See what your eyes can’t with LWIR and MWIR technology
  • Superior night and day visual awareness
  • Long-range imaging to 30+ kilometers range
  • Low SWaP solutions for aerial integration
  • Continuous zoom options in wide and narrow
  • Full HD options 

Industry Segments

  • Port, airport and border security
  • Base and military asset security
  • Airborne surveillance, mapping and reconnaissance
  • Unmanned systems (aerial and ground)
  • Facilities and infrastructure monitoring
  • Custom OEM applications
Product news

The effectiveness of airborne search and rescue, navigation, and situational awareness tasks is predicated on the availability of high-resolution imagery that provides pilots with a clear picture and the widest possible field of view.

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